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Kids and Animals – Endless Fondness!

I grew up with animals. So I know how amazing they are!

We have all observed that children have an innate fondness for animals, in real life as well as cartoons. They feel utterly fascinated by any animal that they find around them. They may be cats, dogs, rabbits or beasts many a times larger than themselves. They like to go closer, touch them, try playing and cuddling them. Most animals respond in the same manner. Why is that so?


Here are a few possible answers:

  1. Children find animals cute and like to touch their furry bodies. They give a feel of softness even to the eyes.
  2. Animals have a sense of responding naturally, especially to affection and attention. They return the looks and gestures to children.
  3. Animals like to soothe humans too. They like to have the feel of children and vice versa.
  4. We all like to control others. Children cannot control adults but they can control their fellow animals to…

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Possum Rescue

Its a Possum2 copy

When I was a kid, we had many pets. One of them was a tiny possum who we named Sebastien. He was found in his mothers pouch as an orphan. We took him home in one of my mothers bed sheets and fed him milk through a bottle. Day by day he grew stronger and bigger, scampering around the house and climbing up our legs. One day he climbed up my mothers leg as she was hanging out the washing, causing her to shriek in pain. His claws were very sharp, adapted to climbing trees and leaping from one branch to another. He grew to an enormous size, breaking into the kitchen of a night and raiding the food cupboards. Finally, my father said “It’s time for Sebastien to go” And go he did. We took him to a bush land setting and watched him scamper away into the wilderness, never to be seen again. Sebastien was a pet who didn’t belong in a house for long. He belonged to nature in the end, and nature belonged to him.

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Worldwide Libraries To Bring Out The Kid In You

Here are some of the most fun filled libraries from all over. These awe inspiring libraries will bring out the kid in anyone: ImaginOn It’s a Library, a Children’s Theatre and so much MORE! ImaginOn hosts the Spangler Children’s Library; the Teen Loft, a library for the teens of Mecklenburg County; Time Warner Tech Central; […]

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Beautiful Photos of Pets and Kids

1. A beautiful moment captured. 2. ‘Who’s coming?’ 3. The bestest friends. 4. ‘Tell me doc, is it serious?’ 5. Play time! 6. ‘Don’t be sad, you’ll get your food soon.’ 7. That baby looks comfy. 8. Sharing is caring. 9. This baby looks so content. 10. ‘Our father who art in heaven…’ 11. This […]

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Capturing Molly


Molly came into my life over five years ago now. I saw her little face peering out at me from a shop window, and I knew she was coming home with me. I picked her up and she licked my hand with her tiny pink tongue as though she knew I was hers and she was mine. She was tiny and eight weeks old, and I became Mummy. She cried and I did what I was not supposed to do, I took her into bed with me. She still sleeps with me today. I took her to the park, and I met people and dogs who had been adopted from the dog pound. I found out how kind and good it is to take home a pound dog and to save its life. Adopting a dog is always kinder than buying one from a pet store. And yet when I took Molly home, I knew I had given this little dog a good home, and she was meant for me and me for her. This is a drawing I have made of her using ink pens.

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I’d posted the drawing of this piece before but I threw a bit of paint at it today for National Kids and Pets Day. I don’t care for the buckling of this paper; it’s too light weight–I prefer 140lb paper (300lb if I can get it)–but whatever. Paints: 14 pan Sennelier travel kit.

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Scrapbooking – Pet Pages — Puddle Side Musings

Scrapbooking has been on my list of things to start for a while now but the thing is, I never really know what to scrapbook. When I go places, I don’t take pictures of me and whoever I’m with, I tend to take pictures of flowers and trees and they’re not really worth […]

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