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Come Visit My Shop!

Venturing into E-Commerce sites has opened up a new world. There are designs for kids, pets, t-shirts and wearable art for everyone. More and more products are being added as I go, and these include clothes for babies.  Click on the link below. Worth a look.untitled-2


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Through the Eyes of Catiana Pusskin

Catiana 5

Yesterday saw me working like crazy to get my new shop up and running on Zazzle. There are many items I am able to put my designs onto. The options are endless! I will be updating and adding more designs and items as I go. Below is the link to my collections for kids.

Meanwhile, I have added an illustration I created of a much loved pet who lives down in Hobart with my adopted sister and family. Catiana Pusskin (named after a well known woman in Russia whom I know not much about yet) stares out at us with those enormous eyes as we arrive from Sydney for our stay in Hobart. “This is MY house,” she is telling us. “And My Mama, and I do NOT share her!” My adopted sis comes into the room, picks up Catiana and kisses her. Catiana returns the affection by purring, and letting herself be kissed. Those eyes of hers take in all that is around her, including us.

At the end of our stay, we go to pack our bags and there, looking regal, is Catiana sitting in my case on top of my clothes, as though to say “You’re not going yet, are you? I was just starting to get to know you!”

She features in many of my designs. And now, she is on baby clothes, puzzles, cards, etc.

Come and see..

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I Love Dogs

The first dog I remember was a very skinny little fellow who wandered into our yard, lost and alone. He was a black Cocker Spaniel, and we named him ‘Butch’ (A very 70’s sounding name for a kid to give to a dog) My father said we could keep him as long as we looked after him and helped with the feeding, washing and walking of him. He grew healthier and bigger, and his coat shone black and soft to touch. We had an old wooden brush we used to comb him with.

We took him on a camping trip one time, and he decided to roll in a dead sheep. The stink was horrible! We could not wash the smell out of him, no matter how hard we tried to. We drove back to Sydney with all the car windows open. It took days to get rid of that stink.

We moved to a cottage on the edge of Sydney Harbour in a posh district. We were always the outsiders, the Park Rangers kids. But we didn’t care. We had each other. And Butch. And countless rabbits, guinea pigs, cockatoos, galahs, budgies, cats, etc etc.

We kept that little dog to the end of his life, when he decided to wander down to the water and pass away. He was a water-dog, a very old one by then. But he landed on his feet when he came to us!

I have expressed my love of animals through illustration. I have pictures of dogs that have taken me a long time to complete due to detail. I decided to put all my drawings together and make a book for young kids available on Sellfy. Here is the front cover and the link. I had my first sale yesterday. Yay!

Until next time.. Love Dogs!

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Possum Rescue

Its a Possum2 copy

When I was a kid, we had many pets. One of them was a tiny possum who we named Sebastien. He was found in his mothers pouch as an orphan. We took him home in one of my mothers bed sheets and fed him milk through a bottle. Day by day he grew stronger and bigger, scampering around the house and climbing up our legs. One day he climbed up my mothers leg as she was hanging out the washing, causing her to shriek in pain. His claws were very sharp, adapted to climbing trees and leaping from one branch to another. He grew to an enormous size, breaking into the kitchen of a night and raiding the food cupboards. Finally, my father said “It’s time for Sebastien to go” And go he did. We took him to a bush land setting and watched him scamper away into the wilderness, never to be seen again. Sebastien was a pet who didn’t belong in a house for long. He belonged to nature in the end, and nature belonged to him.

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Capturing Molly


Molly came into my life over five years ago now. I saw her little face peering out at me from a shop window, and I knew she was coming home with me. I picked her up and she licked my hand with her tiny pink tongue as though she knew I was hers and she was mine. She was tiny and eight weeks old, and I became Mummy. She cried and I did what I was not supposed to do, I took her into bed with me. She still sleeps with me today. I took her to the park, and I met people and dogs who had been adopted from the dog pound. I found out how kind and good it is to take home a pound dog and to save its life. Adopting a dog is always kinder than buying one from a pet store. And yet when I took Molly home, I knew I had given this little dog a good home, and she was meant for me and me for her. This is a drawing I have made of her using ink pens.

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I’d posted the drawing of this piece before but I threw a bit of paint at it today for National Kids and Pets Day. I don’t care for the buckling of this paper; it’s too light weight–I prefer 140lb paper (300lb if I can get it)–but whatever. Paints: 14 pan Sennelier travel kit.

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Scrapbooking – Pet Pages — Puddle Side Musings

Scrapbooking has been on my list of things to start for a while now but the thing is, I never really know what to scrapbook. When I go places, I don’t take pictures of me and whoever I’m with, I tend to take pictures of flowers and trees and they’re not really worth […]

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