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Through the Eyes of Catiana Pusskin

Catiana 5

Yesterday saw me working like crazy to get my new shop up and running on Zazzle. There are many items I am able to put my designs onto. The options are endless! I will be updating and adding more designs and items as I go. Below is the link to my collections for kids.

Meanwhile, I have added an illustration I created of a much loved pet who lives down in Hobart with my adopted sister and family. Catiana Pusskin (named after a well known woman in Russia whom I know not much about yet) stares out at us with those enormous eyes as we arrive from Sydney for our stay in Hobart. “This is MY house,” she is telling us. “And My Mama, and I do NOT share her!” My adopted sis comes into the room, picks up Catiana and kisses her. Catiana returns the affection by purring, and letting herself be kissed. Those eyes of hers take in all that is around her, including us.

At the end of our stay, we go to pack our bags and there, looking regal, is Catiana sitting in my case on top of my clothes, as though to say “You’re not going yet, are you? I was just starting to get to know you!”

She features in many of my designs. And now, she is on baby clothes, puzzles, cards, etc.

Come and see..