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I Love Dogs

The first dog I remember was a very skinny little fellow who wandered into our yard, lost and alone. He was a black Cocker Spaniel, and we named him ‘Butch’ (A very 70’s sounding name for a kid to give to a dog) My father said we could keep him as long as we looked after him and helped with the feeding, washing and walking of him. He grew healthier and bigger, and his coat shone black and soft to touch. We had an old wooden brush we used to comb him with.

We took him on a camping trip one time, and he decided to roll in a dead sheep. The stink was horrible! We could not wash the smell out of him, no matter how hard we tried to. We drove back to Sydney with all the car windows open. It took days to get rid of that stink.

We moved to a cottage on the edge of Sydney Harbour in a posh district. We were always the outsiders, the Park Rangers kids. But we didn’t care. We had each other. And Butch. And countless rabbits, guinea pigs, cockatoos, galahs, budgies, cats, etc etc.

We kept that little dog to the end of his life, when he decided to wander down to the water and pass away. He was a water-dog, a very old one by then. But he landed on his feet when he came to us!

I have expressed my love of animals through illustration. I have pictures of dogs that have taken me a long time to complete due to detail. I decided to put all my drawings together and make a book for young kids available on Sellfy. Here is the front cover and the link. I had my first sale yesterday. Yay!

Until next time.. Love Dogs!



I am a Sydney-based artist and graphic designer who relates to kids and adults alike. I love animals, and I enjoy telling stories, making art and music, nature, and walking my dog.

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