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Possum Rescue

Its a Possum2 copy

When I was a kid, we had many pets. One of them was a tiny possum who we named Sebastien. He was found in his mothers pouch as an orphan. We took him home in one of my mothers bed sheets and fed him milk through a bottle. Day by day he grew stronger and bigger, scampering around the house and climbing up our legs. One day he climbed up my mothers leg as she was hanging out the washing, causing her to shriek in pain. His claws were very sharp, adapted to climbing trees and leaping from one branch to another. He grew to an enormous size, breaking into the kitchen of a night and raiding the food cupboards. Finally, my father said “It’s time for Sebastien to go” And go he did. We took him to a bush land setting and watched him scamper away into the wilderness, never to be seen again. Sebastien was a pet who didn’t belong in a house for long. He belonged to nature in the end, and nature belonged to him.



I am a Sydney-based artist and graphic designer who relates to kids and adults alike. I love animals, and I enjoy telling stories, making art and music, nature, and walking my dog.

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