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Illustrated Nursery Rhymes For the Littlest Humans

Itsy-Bitsy Spider is coming to life as I draw him climbing up the water spout. Soon he will be joined by other nursery rhyme friends, all beautifully illustrated by me, and turned into books which come to life on your computer screen and play music.


Stay tuned for more music, stories, wall art, illustrated activities and E-books.

Dive into a world full of beautifully illustrated stories, nursery rhymes, music, art and activities for the little ones. This is a new venture, with work being added as I design it. I am currently working on illustrated nursery rhymes, which means

He and other much-loved nursery rhyme characters will soon be available as interactive e-books with music added.




I am a Sydney-based artist and graphic designer who relates to kids and adults alike. I love animals, and I enjoy telling stories, making art and music, nature, and walking my dog.

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